Sabrina in an expert coach in self leadership, freedom and trauma healing.

She is also one of the creators of the world’s first 5D education curriculum for children of all ages.

I had the fortune of working with Sabrina Lindner for 12 coaching sessions, spread out over several months, which suited my schedule. During this time, I really saw my confidence revert back to what it was before a long period of ill health and bereavement. 

I’ve seen my mindset improve massively, and I have solidified my vision for both personal and professional goals, and am already reaping the rewards. I no longer feel overwhelmed or self-doubting.

Sabrina’s a great listener, incredibly understanding and patient, and has a fabulous attention to detail and memory, honing in on themes that are always worth exploring.

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Sabrina’s many years as a team leader in sales management, all the hours she spent in coaching and mentoring conversations as well as the experience she has had as a mother have given her invaluable insights on how to best practice self leadership, how to handle trauma that keeps showing up and how to attain personal freedom, which includes following your true passions, achieve overall well being and harness your potential fully.

As one of the founders of NuWave Leadership, Sabrina sets up playhomes and playschools across the globe that contribute to a positive shift in societies by ensuring that future generations can thrive in a healthy and holistic way.

I just started my own coaching business and felt stuck. I did not know what exactly my product should be and how to offer it. It left me unmotivated and I stalled, procrastinated and didn’t have the motivation to move forward. One session with Sabrina unlocked all of this – I found out why I was stuck and as soon as I realised what my strengths are it all turned around! I was able to create my product, get out of my rut and move forward with motivation. I recommend everyone to have a session (or many!) with this great coach! Thank you, Sabrina!


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