About Sabrina

Sabrina is a writer, illustrator, mentor and 5D life coach. 

She writes and illustrates thought provoking and inspiring novels for young adults and adults as well as adventurous, educational fun stories for children.

She is also the co-founder of NuWave Leadership, an organisation that creates and teaches practical 5D Living concepts. Together with her founding partner Vishnupriya Aristo, Sabrina developed the world’s first 5D education curriculum for children of all ages and founded the first 5D school. 

And here is a little ‘personal stuff’…

Who is Sabrina?

Sabrina is a beautiful soul , in and out.

I have had the privilege to have her as my friend for almost twenty years and she is not only an amazing friend but she is also fiercely loyal. In addition, she is a great listener and offers the best advice ever!

She has always been sure of who she is and what she wants and I have seen her accomplish nearly all that she set up to do. I truly admire her drive and how she manoeuvres through life and it’s challenges.

Furthermore she is highly intelligent!!!! Have you tried picking up her brain! There is a well of knowledge flowing through her…. would advise you try it.

She is always positive even when she is going through a tough time and I love that she tries to look at issues from both sides.

Did I mention she is one adventurous lady!
Like her whole life has been an adventure!!!!

She left Germany for Kenya at the age of ( is it 19 or 20?) and came to Kenya to see help at a children’s home in Embu ,a selfless act in itself and she stayed on in Kenya for many more years! Sabrina thank you for choosing Kenya and taking that leap of faith, because, if you didn’t, I wouldn’t have met you and had the opportunity to know how wonderful of a person you are!!!!


Sabrina grew up in Germany in rather unconventional ways. 

After completing her highschool, she decided to move to Kenya and has spent most of her life exploring the world from her homebase Nairobi.

She has two children and loves sitting in a cafe with a tasty coffee, while observing the world flow by. She loves animals and the chaos of a big city. She also loves conversations and feels very content whenever she can inspire in one way or the other.

Everything Sabrina does is about the ‘freedom to be yourself’ with which comes ultimate happiness, positive impact, well being and success.