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Sabrina is a writer, illustrator, mentor and 5D life coach.
She is here to inspire. Together with her team at NuWave Leadership, she contributes to creating 5D living spaces across the world.


One of the ways I know Sabrina has helped me. Every year for the last 13 years, when I went on holiday I’d look out at the vast ocean and feel incomplete and unhappy. This holiday was the first time I joined my boys surfing, lived in the moment and didn’t ponder on the emptiness I felt inside. I am so very grateful for this gift.
– Alex

Coaching & Mentoring Testimonials

Sabrina is a good and careful listener, asking the right questions at the right moment. So for me it worked out very well!


Sabrina is a very thoughtful listener, without coming to swift opinionated judgements. Working with her is pleasurable, fun and effective. She helps you put the mirror in front of your face. I would definitely book an appointment with her. Elevation is the word that comes to mind, when I think of our sessions together. Thank you.
– Anthony

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